Yestedray at late night 🙂 finaly managed to work, to do this I deleted almost all code from ui.ino file, used Lilygo suplied libraries of lvgl, now code of ui.ino looks like this:

#include <LilyGo_RGBPanel.h>
#include <LV_Helper.h>
#include <TFT_eSPI.h>
#include <ui.h>

LilyGo_RGBPanel panel;

void setup()

// Initialize T-RGB, if the initialization fails, false will be returned. if (!panel.begin()) { while (1) { Serial.println("Error, failed to initialize T-RGB"); delay(1000); } } // Call lvgl initialization beginLvglHelper(panel); ui_init(); Serial.println( "Setup done" ); panel.setBrightness(16);


void loop()
lv_timer_handler(); /* let the GUI do its work */

Later will make SLS template, thanks for advices ;-).